Lost Paradise


Getting Lost has never been so epic! all night rave on a secluded beach! Expect to see:

  • An epic journey there, wether you truck it over or get the boat (400b)
  • Amazing free loving crowd and awesome festival vibe
  • Free Entry
  • Sunrise, and most of the following day if you decide to camp

Lost Paradise | Koh Phangan

Lost Paradise is one of those parties that has the ability to change your entire outlook on life. Located on Haad Yao East, it is only accessible by taxi boat or 1 hour 4×4 off roading jungle journey, winning the award for most remote party on Koh Phangan. It will cost you about 800 baht round trip, but don’t worry the party itself is free! Running every Thursday during high seasons, they welcome hundreds of serious music and dance lovers from all over the world. Lost Paradise knows how far you have come to party, so they accommodate accordingly and carry their events on for some 30 hours or more at times! Haad Yao East translates to “Long Beach” in Thai and it is easily one of the most stunningly white sandy beaches in all of Southern Thailand. There is basically nothing there but a large glorified wooden shack for a dance floor and a bar, some cool graffiti and that’s it. But trust us, it doesn’t need more, with natural beauty like that why would you want tp cover it up with tacky decorations? Get a squad together, grab a tent and set up camp! There nothing like watching the best sunrise of your life on a messy Friday morning, hidden on a secluded beach, with your pals, some drinks, great vibes, music and a BBQ picnic that nobody ends up eating 😉

When is the next Lost Paradise Party?

Hosted over the high season months, Lost Paradise tends to fall on a Thursday. However, days and dates are often slightly random, so be sure to check out our Koh Phangan Events Calendar or check out their facebook for more information on the next Lost Paradise party date 🙂

Where is Lost Paradise?

Lost Paradise takes up a good percentage of Koh Phangan’s beautiful Haad Yao (East) Beach. This makes it tricky to get there, so you have 2 options. Not long ago you HAD to get a Long Tail Boat over from Haad Rin Beach, however they have recently started running truck taxi’s over from Baan Tai. (find late outside 7/11). Either option will set you back about 400b each way, but lost paradise is free entry so it’s quite reasonable for an epic adventure to a secluded all night beach rave. Feel free to pack a tent and set up camp on the beach, many others do 🙂

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