Full Moon Party

The world famous Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan. Certainly not to be missed regardless of where you are in Thailand over the full moon period. Hands down, one of Asia’s biggest open dance parties! Expect to see:

  • 30,000 – 90,000 drunk party goers from around the world
  • Bucket stands for days
  • Non Stop partying, even when the party is technically over
  • Cheap alcohol
  • Glow Paint
  • Free Entry

Full Moon Party | Koh Phangan

Since its very first underground beginnings in the late 80’s, with just around 30 party-loving travellers meeting up on Haad Rin beach every month for a good dance on full moon night (I mean, how else do you keep in touch with your travelling buddies with no internet?!) Full Moon Party has come a long, LONG way!

With now 30,000 – 90,000 backpackers making the ‘must-do’ pilgrimage to the incredibly crazy party night every month, the world famous full moon party has become one of the biggest parties across Asia.
Although not technically organised by any one company or organisation, it really is as simple as a small Thai town (HaadRin), all it’s bars, and one huge beach going absolutely bat-shit crazy, without fail, every single month of the year.. Oh, and Christmas day.. Oh and also New Years Eve, just for good measure. It makes for one hell of a crazy holiday season.

If your travelling in the south of Thailand over a Full Moon night, it goes without saying that almost everybody you meet will be heading over to Koh Phangan to witness the carnage first hand, and you should too.  It really cannot be missed.

Of course the party isn’t for everyone. It’s hectic AF, very florescent, loud, drunk and the music is an acquired taste in most of the main hotspots.  That said, it is a sight to behold when you get down to that beach and witness it for yourself. So regardless of music taste, get down there.. it will be something you never forget. Often, we get asked a bunch of random questions about the party. Hopefully this page, along with some relevant blog posts might help you out.

When is Full Moon Party?

It’s common sense that Full Moon Party, ironically falls on full moon evening every month. So setting your plans in place to make the party isn’t that difficult. Tickets are not required (its a free party on a beach), however I would strongly suggest having your accommodation booked, as the Island is almost completely booked up over this time of the month. Check out our events calendar for the next party date.

How to get to Full Moon Party?

Full Moon Party completely takes over the southern peninsular of the island, Haad Rin. Which to be honest, around 70% of all ‘Full Mooners’ generally end up staying when making the epic pilgrimage over for the event anyway.

So if your staying in the main town of Haad Rin already, getting around is easy enough on foot. However, don’t be worried if your staying anywhere else on the island. All the taxi drivers come out in full force, and they all know where you need to go. So grabbing a taxi down is equally as easy and relatively cheap. After a couple of cheeky pre-drinks, you may feel brave enough to tackle ‘Haad Rin Hills’ yourself and get down to the party on your nice new rental bike. **DON’T DO THIS**  It’s a dumb idea. period.

The first issue you will encounter is the road, it’s not called ‘Haad Rin Hills’ because its notoriously flat. It’s a friggin rollercoaster. It’s scary enough in the day, when the islands empty. The next issue you will encounter if your on your own bike and actually make it over the roads, is the mandatory military stop and search.  You shouldn’t be doing anything wrong or illegal anyway, but it’s a little nerve wracking regardless, and can kill your buzz pretty quick when your balls are being fondled through your swimming trunks by a military chief. That said, they are very nice people just doing their jobs. But if your in a taxi, you can avoid the awkward situation completely. Annnd then finally,  the last issue driving in yourself, and probably the the worst one.. you can’t actually drive right down into Haad Rin Bay. The streets have traffic barriers to save any vehicles getting through to most of the party areas, the short walk down from these spots isn’t the problem though, its having to leave your rented motorbike somewhere completely random. Often in the wrong place, it then gets innocently moved by a local, and you will never find it again. I lost a bike for 2 months this way. It was harmlessly moved, and I just didn’t know where. (doh)

The short of it.. staying in Haad Rin? stay on foot.. anywhere else? grab yourself a 100 Baht taxi down, they are all going the same way. Party taxi’s are more fun anyway 😉

Important things to know about Full Moon Party

We see time and time again so many tourist make catastrophic mistakes over full moon. From losing money, passports etc to getting injured, lost and heartbroken. Having been here years seen (too) many full moon parties, here is a quick list of frequently asked questions about the party itself. We have also gone ahead and created some extremely helpful posts on ‘how to survive full moon party’, and ‘how to enjoy full moon without spending your whole savings’. I would suggest reading these also, it could save your holiday plans, your friends and in most cases, your dignity 🙂

This list could go on, and we did. We’ve compiled a couple of helpful guides on how to survive one the of the craziest parties on the planet and how to do it on the cheap. We strongly recommend reading them. It took us many Full Moon Parties to learn that stuff… Your welcome.

Do I need tickets for Full Moon Party?

No. Full Moon isn’t an organised event, with tickets and whatnot. There are many other big events on the island that work this way, however Full Moon Party isn’t one of them.

It is a town, that thousands of people happen to go to every full moon. Sure it’s been regulated and managed very well by local authorities and individual business owners. Do note though, on the way into the party in a taxi, you may be ask to pay a 20b taxation to the taxi driver. You will receive a tacky, yet cute little full moon wristband souvenir in return. This money goes to tidying up the island after the mayhem. So don’t get pissy about paying for it.

What Shall I Take With Me to Full Moon Party? My ID? Bank Cards?

Hell NO! none of the above. You will be getting very drunk, and anything you take out with you is at great risk, mainly from your drunken selves then local crime. You will not get asked for ID, so do not take your passport out with you. You should get cash out in preparation for the party. Depending on your on going plans, after parties etc, around 3,000 baht should do you for the night. Keep you bank cards back at your room, losing them sucks. I wouldn’t even suggest taking a phone, but of course you do need a dedicated photographer with you at all times, so maybe allocate that role to the most responsible of you all! In short, what you need is nothing but your clothes and cash. Keep enough aside for an emergency taxi home if you need it. Everything else is most likely going to get lost, wet or broken.

Remember Where You Are Staying!

This seems dumb.. but it happens too often. You jump off the boat, hand over you booking to the taxi driver, you arrive and dump ya stuff down and go out on the lash.. before you know it its tomorrow morning, you have lost everyone and no idea where your saying. Its really not very fun. Bit of a downer on what (you think) was a really good night 😉 just remember where your staying, it’s important.

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