A Comprehensive Guide On How To Survive Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party is nuts… It really is. Picture literally thousands of international millennials, brightly painted head to toe in glow paint, wearing ridiculous fluorescent outfits, drinking hard liquor from actual buckets and dancing the night away to a mix of pretty much every genre of music around. Everybody is completely wasted on alcohol, extremely potent energy drinks and in a lot of cases the brave will try the local mushroom shakes. It’s most certainly a sight to behold, and although Full Moon Party is not for everyone, it definitely cannot be missed if you happen to be in the south at the time. Having now done well over a dozen Full Moon Parties over our time, (i tend to avoid them in recent years, in favour of other parties), and having run a Full Moon Party hostel on Koh Phangan; we see the same mistakes made by ‘full mooners’ over and over again. Most of these mistakes are usually down to alcohol consumption and lack of common sense, but in an attempt to help lower the number of ruined nights, here is some tips on ow to survive the world famous Full Moon Party.

Be Prepared

By this we mean, mentally. Be Mentally prepared. If you happen to walk down to the beach when the party is in full swing (around 2am), it takes a minute or two to really take it all in.  If you’re not usually a party person, you still have to go (obvs),  just spend a minute psyching yourself up for one of the planets craziest parties before heading out. It’s going to be a heavy one.

Go Easy On The Pre Drinks

Whilst going out sober is not recommended at all, we do suggest taking it a little easy on the pre drinking session. I know this is easier said than done when you super hyped for the best night everrrr, but trust us. The buckets you will be buying at the party are real strong and nobody wants to end up being that guy and passing out before sun rise.  Try not to mix drinks to much either and as lame as it sounds, drink a ton of water to save your from a crippling hang over the next day. Cheap drinks = cheap alcohol = WORST HANGOVER.

Don’t Take Anything Important Out With You

It goes without saying that whatever you take out with you to the Full Moon Party is at a much greater risk of being lost or damaged.  You really only need some cash for your buckets and just enough kept safe to get your emergency exit taxi home when you most need it. If your staying in Haad Rin, you will not even need this emergency 300b.  You will definitely not need your ID or passport, so please don’t take that out with you. Do not take your bank cards, you will lose them. And If you are in a group, think about maybe designating the photographer job to the most reliable of you all. You wont get robbed or mugged.. But you will get very very drunk, so you will have nobody to blame but yourself when you walk back to your hostel with nothing but blurry ‘memories’ and pockets full of sand and despair.

Remember Where You’re Staying

This may seem stupid, but it happens ALOT. It’s relatively easy if your in holiday mode to throw your bags down and go get smashed the moment you et off that boat. Before you know it, you have lost your friends, its 7am the next morning and you have no idea where your staying, or even which part of the island. This sucks.. trust me, I was there once upon a time.  I would suggest taking your hotel or hostels business card out with you, or at the very least have it saved on your phone. The problem with this though, is that you will probably lose you phone. We stapled our business card to a guests arm once (he asked for it..very drunk), he got back home just fine! Smart guy.. I think..

Wear Shoes, But Don’t Wear Anything You Actually Like

The ‘go to’ outfit for FM is anything fluorescent. It’s actually difficult to buy an item of clothing that doesn’t brightly say ‘full moon’ across it at the time of month.  However,  this isn’t a major issue for anybody,  as literally everyone wears the same tatty full moon crap…Standard.  There is logic to this though, and it will save you your favourite shorts… The thing is,  wether you chose to get painted up or not, you WILL come back covered in glow paint and this stuff stains real bad. Sure, the colourful tatty shit-shirt you end up wearing wont even notice a bit of glow paint.. but your clean white t-shirt will.  This obviously also applies to shoes. We suggest wearing shoes, as beer is still served in glass bottles and the beach is a mess by the morning. Be prepared to lose and/or ruin them though.

Set Up An Emergency Meeting Point With Your Friends

This may seem a little ‘old school’, but things get pretty primitive when you don’t have a phone. Finding your friends in the crazy sea of drunk people is not easy. So to save yourself a night of looking for friends, set yourselves a meeting point incase you lose each other. The streets are just as busy as the beach,  so think about going for a smaller bar on a side street or specific food stall to use then make an unbreakable full moon pact to go back to this spot if you get split up! #BF4LYF

Don’t Drive Your Rented Motorbike To The Party

If your lucky enough to be staying outside Haad Rin, you will need to get a Taxi down to the party. Technically, you could drive your bike down, it’s simply just not worth it though. For one, you cant get all the way into Haad Rin as they put road barriers up to save traffic. If you get in early enough to miss them, you wont be able to get out if you need to leave. Secondly, anyone driving into Haad Rin who isn’t in a Taxi will get searched by the military at the side of the road which is never nice… For the sake of just 100b Taxi fare.. Get the taxi.

Expect to pay quite a bit, just be aware you don’t have to

Full moon is expensive. It’s the most expensive time of month on one of the most expensive islands in Thailand, so your bound to have to pay a bit over the week or so you stay. There are however some great ways to save some pennies if your on a budget. We’ve compiled a list of little tips and tricks to save money at full moon on a different article. You can have a read here >>

How to have a cheap(er) full moon party on Koh Phangan

Avoid too much Red Bull, a little is OK though

Red Bull (and other energy drinks) is strong here in Thailand. Really really strong. So much so that it is sold in medicine bottles, and it is just that; medicinal strength caffeine.  You will notice that every single bucket you buy regardless of which alcohol you choose will include one of these as standard. After 3 or 4 of them, you can kiss a good nights sleep goodbye.. I know your not intending to sleep much anyway, but I’m sure you will want to catch some Z’s at some point, so be aware of what your drinking and you might not be so confused when your heart is beating out your chest and you haven’t slept for 3 days.  That said, it is handy in small doses if you want to see your night through. Just be safe with it. (said grampa)

This list could go on and on, and we will continue to add to it over time. However, there is only so ‘safe’ you can be. You cannot plan too much for a night as crazy as full moon as you really don’t know whats going to happen.  As savage as it is when you lose your buddies on the biggest night of your trip, you often end up making some awesome new ones pretty quickly, most of my full moon dilemmas ended up landing me some pretty cool friends and once you get over the fact your new air Jordans are ruined,  it’s one hell of a night. Everyone is in the exact same mindset as everybody else and although you get some negative drama from time to time, the night is about laughter, love, dancing and meeting life long friends for the first time (in some cases, the only time).  Most of the above tips are common sense. Use it, have fun, and be safe!

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