The Best Places To Get Food At Stupid O’Clock on Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is globally known as an Island that doesn’t sleep. The parties here generally go all night and well into the next day, often even longer if you decide to hit up one of the numerous after parties.  This leaves you with some great (blurry) memories but also really, really hungover and seriously craving the replenishment of a big hearty meal at all sorts of random hours… #HolidayGoals

Here’s our top picks for the best late-night and hangover food joints on the island. We have picked these spots specifically for the ‘hangover gremlin’ that lives deep inside us all, you all know the one… They hiss at the sunlight, hood up, and wears there hater shades day and night, as if to avoid every social interaction possible. Whether you need breakfast at 8pm or a burger at 4am, we know the struggle all too well, so we’ve got you covered. (You can thank us later 😉

Momma Mia Wonderfood **Delivery**

We can’t express our love for this company enough! Momma Mia Wonderfood has saved countless fragile souls on Koh Phangan when they were simply too hungover to get out of bed. THEY DELIVER! With an island spin on Uber eats, you can order almost any type of food you can imagine from some of the best restaurants on the Island! Ando Burger, Ando Loco, We Love Sushi, ‘Ol Sole Mio, and Thai Food! Did we mention you can also get cigarettes, booze, and desserts delivered straight to your door all at the touch of a button on their super convenient Facebook app? They are open every day from 11am to 11pm and only require a minimum order of 200b! Hungover us thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!

Find them on facebook here

Lexy Pancakes & Burger

The most perfectly juicy and tasty burger from the most unlikely spot. Lexy Panckakes is open from 7pm to 5am nightly, and a located in Baan Thai next to Fisherman’s Restaurant. Behind the pink hand-written signage of her quaint wooden lemonade-style shop, you will find the darling, Lexy ready and keen to feed you! The shop may say pancakes, but it’s her burgers that keep the people coming back for more. Super tender and loaded with toppings, you can get a bacon cheese burger for only 120b! WHAT?! Why not treat yourself even more and rinse it all down with a Nutella banana pancake? We know you want it.

Find her on facebook here, or see the map opposite to dive straight in, There’s really not much to think about.

Food Factory

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Food Factory is one of Koh Phangans only all-night restaurants. They only serve 3 things, burgers, pizza, and American style breakfasts, but they sure as hell know what they’re doing! Give the body what it needs, a greasy fast-food style feast with all the toppings. All reasonably priced and served fairly quick for island standards, Food Factory is there for you any hour of the day, any day of the week. Located in Baan Tai just down from Big C, it’s central location makes even the latest food runs convenient. They also play live sports broadcasts so you don’t miss your favorite footy team or UFC match, even all the way across the world.

Find them on Facebook Here

Chicken Corner

In the heart of Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party Town, Haad Rin, lies a street junction like no other. Chicken corner, as its fondly referred to by locals is an intersection lined with nothing but late-night fried chicken and burger restaurants. Momma Schnitzel, Chicken Corner, K-Restaurant are open 24 hours to cater to the ever hungover and hungry Full Moon Party goers. No matter your budget or craving, Chicken corner has the answer. Even if you find yourself down to your last 40 baht, there’s a quintessential 7/11 there as well, so grab yourself a toasties to tie yourself over until the western union emergency money transfer arrives from home. 7/11 The real MVP of Thailand. First time travelling? Scared to try new foods? On a budget? Or simply just lazy?


has won the hearts of backpackers in Thailand for over a decade, with one located approximately every km or so (sometimes even less). Their refreshing aircon, and 24/7 service. Toasties are a staple part of every Thailand traveler’s adventures, not to mention the 13 baht momma noodle cups for when you need to save your bahts for the party tonight. Walking around a 7/11’s isles is a trip in itself as we are always finding new exciting snacks for late night munchies and hungover mornings almost every time we visit. We are so serious about our love for 7/11, we have made an entire blog post just for them. Read it here to find out our 7/11 best kept secrets, and favorite snack picks. So there you have it, our top 5 hangover and late-night restaurants that get you the food you need and back to bed so you can gear up for the next big night of partying on our insane techno Island home.